Saturday, March 09, 2002:

ok...well today was a March 9, 2002. i will never forget this day for the rest of my life. today i woke up at 11:00. i ate some food, read a little, and watched some tv. during this time i had been waiting to go to Hayley's house. At 2:00 i did that. Ariela was there also and we played some music. After a while i went home and waited for either the phone to ring and it be her on the other line , or see her screen name show up on my moniter. I lied on my bed, listening to the wonderful music she had compiled for me on a valentine cd. my eyelids got heavier, and i slipped in that place between sleep and awake and there she was. The wonderful music was playing and she was standing there waiting for one slow dance with me. MOO! the wonderful chime i have for her on my computer rang. My heart jumped and i ran to my computer, on the screen was her instant message awaiting me. it read 'tyler...'. Now thats weird...she has never greeted me like that before, she must be mad at me for something. But it didn't bother me that she was mad at me, cause that day my heart decided that i was in love with her. i asked her if she was mad. She replied no, but she had to tell me something. the next thing that appeared on the screen was difficult. the warm feeling she gives me absolutly removed itself from my body and left nothing but cold. it was over. over. i still felt the same for her, but what i thought she felt for me, the feeling that inhabited my body was repossesed. i see other relationships around me and they are full of unhappiness and arguements. the one thing that is saving me from defeat is the fact that every second that i have spent with her not one feeling of anger or unhappiness was shared. every second since the first time i saw her absolutley beautiful face in the light of the full moon on new years eve was absolute heaven. that was my unforgettable day. it may sound lame but i just hope she is happy. all that day i had been thinking about her. actually she has never left my thoughts since the first time i looked at her 'that way'. this will be an experience for me, a lesson learned. it hurt and it wasn't easy. she came up on me like a hurricane and left with my heart. but i wouldn't trade one second i had with her for anything in the world. well, maybe to still be with her...
Tyler // 11:16 PM


this is just a test run, i'm not sure i got it to work yet...
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Wednesday, March 06, 2002:

you do something to me, that i can't explain...
Tyler // 6:24 PM


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