Thursday, March 28, 2002:

yep, i got a job, i been at einsteins bagels for two weeks. it's tiring. but enough about the job. willy is still trying to keep things from me. fucking, why the shit does he have to lie and let a girl come between us. Great as that girl is, we have been friends way too long. And he is letting it happen, he is letting her come between us.

My soul is on fire and i need you to put out the flames. you've locked me out of my own heart and now i don't even know what i want...

Tyler // 9:24 PM


Sunday, March 24, 2002:

ok...whoever is reading this, even you willy...this is how i feel. i love her, i lover her so much. but i can't help but assume that you like her alot also...and i'm fine with that, no matter how hard it is for me. But, i'm not fine with you trying to keep things from me. You act as though your afraid i will flip out. i thought you knew me better than that. it's not like your the cause of her and i ending. i just wanna hang out like always. like the situation with laura, even though that ended, we still did things, you even brought laura and rigo along. i want that same thing now...i want us to be close. and i especially don't want a girl coming between us. if anything i want that girl to become part of the group. i hate it that you tried to hide how you feel. just keep those lines of communication wide open. thats it. thats all i have to say...
Tyler // 7:40 PM


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